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Commons Stewardship Organization


  • Steward the common operations necessary for [ecosystem] to thrive

  • Steward the [ecosystem] treasury

  • Administer the [ecosytem] budget as defined by the members

Membership policy

  • Any member of [ecosystem] can apply for open roles and quests within the Commons

  • Only the 13 elected Commons Council vote in the DHO.


  • 1 person 1 vote

  • 12 voice-holding council members voted in by the [ecosystem] members

  • 1 voice-holding earth member holding 3 voice tokens representing the explicit best interests of our planet - it only takes 1 other council member along with earth to veto an otherwise fully supported

  • 80% quorum and 80% unity required


  • Foundations Circle Stewards the [ecosystem] foundational documents

  • Storytelling Circle Stewards the [ecosystem] Communication channels

  • Quest Guides Stewards the "Quest Pool" where Quest Guides have free ability to assign and payout quests for a wide variety of contributions.


  • Commons Curator Steward the core ecosystem documents and knowledge base.

  • Quest Guide Steward the "Quest Pool" and guide community members through Quests.


Salary Bands

  • 1


  • (1) Storyteller FB (2) Storyteller Twitter (3) Storyteller Instagram (4) etc. A badge for each official media channel so it is explicit who is able to speak in each channel.

  • Commons Curator holding this badge gives the "Creator" role in the [ecosystem] Knowledge Base


  • Add chapter headers to [ecosystem] Educational Videos If a video doesn't have chapter titles, submit a comment with suggestions along with your SEEDS account name. If your submission is accepted you'll earn N Seeds.

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