How to become an Eligible to receive funding through SEEDS Commons

Meet Eligibility Criteria for DHOs to receive funding

  • Collective decision making process in place rooted in decentralised governance

  • Process for issuing its own DHO token in place

  • Transparent ways of showing how funds are being used

  • Providing value to the SEEDS Ecosystem on a global level as proposed in the DHO Value Proposition (as opposed to local/regional focus)

Create an Eligibility Proposal to SEEDS, containing the following:

  • The Purpose of the DHO

  • Active members and their roles at the time of the proposal

  • Designated External Link and Internal Link to participate in SEEDS Commons

  • Value Proposition to the SEEDS Ecosystem (how is the DHO contributing to SEEDS)

  • SEEDS priorities/focus areas addressed through the Value Proposition

  • Details on how the DHO meets the Eligibility Criteria defined above

SEEDS Citizens vote on Eligibility Proposals from DHOs

Eligibility Proposals are added on the SEEDS Vote section in the current "milestone category" (to be changed for this purpose) to be decided by the citizens.

Voting mechanism: 33% quorum (33% of the total no. of citizens voted), 90% - unity.

Be part of SEEDS Commons

If the Eligibility Proposals pass, DHOs become part of the SEEDS Commons and are eligible for receiving funding through SEEDS Commons.

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