How it works

Citizens vote each season following the Regenerative Roundtable for which DHOs will be part of the Commons for the next season.

Then each of the Citizen-voted Commons organizations choose 2 representatives to join the Commons Council.

This council stewards the SEEDS Sale and transparently uses funds to serve the Regenerative Renaissance on behalf of the SEEDS community.

SEEDS Commons may also issue stable currencies. For example, the SEEDS Commons could issue a CEuro token, which would be redeemable 1 to 1 in Euro from Commons Assets, as they sell Seeds or receive donations.

Citizen Governed Ecosystem Budget (Alternative option that is NOT ACTIVE)

Citizens vote to set the Commons DHO circle budgets which council members must abide by.

The SEEDS Commons

SEEDS Commons has three layers that support the collaboration between the SEEDS Commons DHOs based on explicit agreements:

  1. The Foundational Layer represents the process by which DHOs become eligible for SEEDS Commons and have representatives as part of the SEEDS Commons Members.

  2. The Meta-Agreements define the basic processes for how decisions are being made by members of SEEDS Commons.

  3. The Organizational structure consists of the roles and policies designed by members to express the purpose of SEEDS Commons.

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