Mapping next steps

  • storytelling about the upcoming Regenerative Renaissance Roundtable (R3) Reinvite the community that's been dormant and waiting for the next invitation. Make some art, send emails, etc.

  • Get the Commons governance model crystalized and each of the Commons DHOs get clear on their goals and membership models So folks can join them (so when we active the community during the roundtable DHOs will each have 7-15 min to share their goals along with their needs (roles, resources, etc).

  • DHOs can suggest a budget they would need for the season in Central Bank equivalent money. This way we could come up with an actual number for all the DHOs that we need to raise through the SEEDS sale to fund the season!

  • Walk through "a" Seasons model and trial the Commons model that's been forming these last few months and set the stage for this at the Roundtable.

  • For all of this we have the wireframes for ready for people to step into and active roles by the R3 (e.g. we have all the roles, and quests for each of our DHOs ready).

  • Hypha sends all HUSD to the Commons treasury for the Commons Council to distribute to Commons Organizations following the next roundtable.

  • Discuss and share the evolution of the SEEDS economics during the roundtable (if the community likes the model, this could be reflected in the sale picking back up again that would further fund the Commons operational budget).

  • Potentially a DHO is formed (or one of the Commons DHO picks up this opportunity) around revenue generation for the Commons and seeks to apply for grants (like Gitcoin and other layer 1 treasuries) and approach groups and institutions for funding opportunities to further support our efforts.

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