A quick start on all that is Seeds & SEEDS

A quick guide in case you're short on time, feel free to browse through the rest of the site for more details

I just landed here and I wanted to know what this is all about:

Is the concept of Seeds (Capital S) different from SEEDS (all caps)?

Why do I need to introduce myself to join Seeds?

How Seeds the currency is connected to regeneration:

I've joined Seeds now, am I allowed to seek funding? Or am I entitled to vote on other proposals?

Unfortunately, no. Every new account is created as a visitor account by default and there are two more levels to move up before you can vote. A few details about the account levels for individual accounts are provided below:

I read about Reputation Points above. Is that the same as my Contribution Score? How are these useful to me?

I heard blockchain is bad for the environment. Isn't that true?

Account Creation Video

Apps that I'll need to transact with Seeds

What is planting? Does it help me with my Seeds transactions?

What are Gratitude tokens? And how to earn or send them?

Tokenomics and Initial allocation of Seeds

Who decides the price of Seeds?

Initiatives: Ambassadors

Ambassadors support on-boarding individuals and organisations to the SEEDS ecosystem and help the community with their needs, such as creating a new proposal.

The community tries encouraging ambassadors movement through buddies and other interactions.

If you feel the need to co-create with Seeds or develop the regenerative renaissance with Seeds, your first step is the SEEDS Ambassador Academy (Check out the #Ambassador-general channel on Discord and introduce yourself. You’ll get to know the next Ambassador on-boarding programmes here, usually starts on full moon days!)

Link for Ambassadors General information: https://discord.com/channels/722466006206906428/731262252732252181

Initiatives: Renaissance Explorers (RE)

A place for advanced Players who want to dive into the depths of this game.

This is a space to tap into future possibilities, redesign our inner and outer landscapes, test models, experiment with new protocols, engage with the Citizens and propose evolutions to the game.

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