Step 7: Grow your food

Image from the Eden Project.
RCI's alliance member Valhalla brings a decade of experience running a successful ecovillage and market garden.

Grow Food Not Lawns

Localize, diversify and secure our food systems.

The most delicious and nourishing food, is that which is grown locally in healthy and loved soil, amongst a diversity of flora and fauna, allowed to ripen on the plant, and eaten moments after picking it.

Let's create a culture where a significant share of our nourishment comes plant to mouth from plant ripened food.

Regeneration starts with soil

On top of the resiliency and security provided by growing our own food, our Villages couldn't be regenerative if they didn't consider our food, how we produce our food to regenerate our land, and our role in the cycles of life. 

Villages collaborate to continually master the "food trilemma" seeking to make food cheaper, healthier, and tastier all at the same time. 

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