Step 6: Co-create globally with other regenerative projects

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Each cohort (a group of 12 projects) that go through the process together will use interoperable coordination tools so that cohorts can more quickly adopt each-others practices and successes to evolve more rapidly together.
This also helps us start forming our own decentralised global culture (much like the Hopewell Tradition of pre-columbian Native American cultures that created a decentralized culture (consisting of hundreds of unique languages) that enabled a member to travel from the east coast of North America nearly to the west coast and find community, shelter, food, and meaning along the way.)
This also helps us with member-mobility as members are more easily able to contribute to multiple projects and live and move between them without having to learn entirely new platforms or tools.

A global community

For the nomadic and wonder-seeking regenerators.
How can we see the world and have a net-positive impact on the world?
Through a global and interconnected economy of Villages and Regenerative projects where our contributions to one part of the whole is acknowledged by the global community.
If you're one of the 12 initial cohorts this will be your space to share updates, templates, and anything you feel would help others succeed.