Step 3: Crowdpool Resources

Operation global restoration

🌊There's a wave of capital seeking to fund regeneration and systems change.
🌊There's another wave of capital seeking trustworthy, sound, and secure assets to store wealth.
🌊🌊 There's growing waves of capital (VC's and Hedge funds) buying up homes and creating a global housing bubble. This capital can serve as "exit liquidity" for those who want to sell their urban homes at a massive profit to use as initial capital to join a ReGen Project!
🌊🌊🌊There's tidal waves of humans knowing deep down that a more beautiful world is possible and they're willing to build it.
🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊These waves are merging and we're here to help direct the flow!
This model is intended to help direct capital towards the Regenerative Renaissance and land-based community projects focused on restoring ecosystem and community health and thrivability. 

Crowd Pooling Non-Financial Capital

You can pool resources with your future Regen Civics Project members by taking in various forms of capital (all of the 10 forms, such as organisation roles, physical materials and equipment, land, knowledge, tools, etc) and issuing NFT's and FT's (just regular old crypto tokens) to account for all the contributions to any of the many of projects you may be a part of.

This Crowd Pooling serves a dual purpose of both:
  • helping a Regen Civics Project raise all the initial capital (beyond financial capital) required (such as the roles and members required to execute the mission).
  • forming the initial community that will together go on a journey using the latest coordination tools to redesign social systems and create regenerative cultures.
Minimum Viable Financial, Natural, and Material capital
  • Financial assets (tokens)
  • Natural assets (land)
  • Material assets (infrastructure, equipment, etc)
Minimum Viable Human, Knowledge, and Experience capital
  • Roles
Using a DAO/DHO projects create the various roles they need to have filled in order to start the project. Everything from builders and gardeners to the organizing team that executes the roadmap. Projects may select from a number of templates to use, or remix them and create their own.
Minimum Viable Spiritual and Cultural capital
  • Cultural knowledge
  • Vision
Without a coherent vision, purpose, and reason for doing the project, it's unlikely to succeed. Projects need storytellers and map-makers to contribute to the art and narrative of the regenerative project. These may also be explicit roles in the community that need to be filled before the project commences.

Crowdpooling Financial Capital

Choose from a number of Web3 asset-pooling platforms to create and issue your unique Village Tokens and trade them for Ethereum, Seeds, TLOS, Atom, Regen, Anatha, IXO, TEC, GIV, GTC, Commons Stack assets, and other crypto assets. 


Each Village may create their own unique economy and version of their own "Governance" and "Reward" tokens providing our movement with more wisdom and potentially a diversity of new economic models and templates to build upon.


This helps avoids a common pitfall in startup communities where a single/ extreme minority "founder" maintains excessive power over others from having "founded it".
Starting off with 10's to 100's (or more) founding contributors who all have equal access to be part of the core team fundamentally changes the dynamics of how communities form. If we lean further into this paradigm shift we may be able to more fully embody the sociocratic ideal of "the role is not the soul" and remove this idea that we need charismatic leaders to scale coordination.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
The "founder" role played by an extreme minority evolves into "foundership" a role played by many where power is more equitably, irrevocably, and transparently distributed amongst members.
It's hopeful that in exploring this process further we can discover more generative, creative, stress-minimal, joyful, effective, and level governance and power environments.

As projects discover successful patterns they're/you're encouraged to share to this wiki to help other projects evolve quicker and move our Renaissance forward.

Resources: Find/add support for this step below

  • Template for crowdpooling the 8-10 forms of capital.