Hypha DHO & DAO

Hypha is an organisation within the ecosystem that's focused on building DAO & DHO tooling, however groups are encouraged to use the tools that are best suited to their needs.
Hypha Provides a mobile "Light Wallet" for managing tokens and governance as well as a the "DHO" (for doing) for making policy, governance, organizational, and treasury decisions (no bank account required).

The Hypha DHO (Decentralised Human Organisation) provides communities with programmable, uncensorable, fraud-resistant, and transparent treasury and governance tools ensuring that the members remain in shared control. 

Overview of DAOs/DHOs for Villages
This avoids a common pitfall in startup communities where a minority actually have all the power and make all the decisions. With a DAO/DHO power is exercised and held by governance token holders and financial decisions can't be made without them.

Hypha offers projects a DAO/DHO tool to:

  • Govern membership;
  • Issue unique Governance, Utility, and Payment tokens that confer various rights and abilities;
  • Govern pay through assigning members Quests, Roles, Badges, and more;

  • Create Referendums to change the protocols and maintain an immutable record of governance decisions;
  • Govern Policies and Circles for coordinating day-to-day operations;
  • Issue separate and non-transferable governance tokens from the fungible Village Tokens or NFTs to create unique forms of community governance.

  • And more.
DHO Dashboard - Each village has their own.

CrowdPooling Capital (beyond financial)

Using the Hypha DHO tools groups can set up in advance the various Circles, Roles, Quests, Badges and other organizational assets that a project needs to thrive. During the crowdpooling event people across the globe could apply to fill these positions and having the organizational chart full before ending the crowdpooling campaign may be one of the prerequisites for communities seeking the highest chance of success.

Village Tokens

Village Token

An ideal "store-of-value" currency. Village tokens may be backed by the land/assets of the Village for intrinsic value and a base price.
Villages may design their own tokenomics to match their unique culture. 
As a default, projects may have their token be an "access token" which is consumed for each night a member stays at the Village. The token value fluctuates as the value of a night's stay fluctuates (popular projects may burn more tokens then they create. People who live there can buy or earn (by contributing to the Village) > 1 token per day to cover their housing and can provide other benefits (as each project designs what's right for them). This also creates a continual 'burn" of the token to offset new token issuance as members contribute to the Village.

Village Currency

An ideal medium-of-exchange and unit-of-account currency. Preferred throughout a Village for day-to-day purchases (designed to hold a stable value) so that prices can remain stable.

Each Village may design their own currency mechanics. Or chose between the default "stable" to a central bank currency (like Euro's) or "constant" which is stable to purchasing power (non-inflationary) currency designs.

Village Voice

Unique governance tokens where each community can design how and who makes decisions.
This is a departure from the current standard in DAOs where the "value token" and the "governance token" are the same, thus ensuring that governance is an plutocracy (governance by the wealthy).

Village health

Provide tools for villages to track the health of their village. Current tools are inspired by Kate Raworth's Doughnut Economics and the MetaImact Framework by Meta Integral.

Hypha's building tools for multiple ecosystems

Hypha's building tools to be the "middleware" for DAOs so that communities can access many different layer 1's (Ethereum, Telos, Cosmos, etc) while using the same tools. Explore Hypha for more.


DHO’s (Decentralised Holonic/Human Organisations)

DHO’s offer Members a structure to create new types of organisations and regional governance systems that provide:
  • contribution accounting for fair value distribution;
  • transparent, direct and evolvable governance tools (helping Members decide at scale);
  • the ability to more easily build the change while living the change; launch organisations within the SEEDS legal jurisdiction;
  • a regional governance system for Members to coordinate locally.


Full & basic overview of the Hypha DHO system and how groups can build new social systems with these tools.
Live Screenshots from Hypha's working DHO. The DHO is a home for your village, organisation and local community - A DHO is how we do!

Govern Membership

LIVE SCREENSHOTS Explore existing members, what roles and badges they're holding, how to connect with them, and more.
View and accept (if you're holding the "enroller" badge) new members

Govern Roles

Roles being the infinite variety of ways members can contribute to a cause.
View and apply for Roles connected to an organisation
Members then govern which members hold those roles for a given period of time.
See what members are holding which roles and badges.
Govern Badges
Badges being the infinite variety of Rights, Perks, or otherwise that members have earned or are holding.
View and apply for badges.
Transparently govern a common treasury
Communities govern. Members make proposals to get paid out in a variety of tokens (payment tokens, community tokens, and governance tokens) and the remaining members use their governance process to decide whether to issue these tokens.
Organisations can use a "multiple signer" process (meaning n of n of those holding the 'treasurer badge' need to sign an action) to govern any assets that are on different blockchains or held in legacy institutions (like banks).
Securely and transparently update code
Groups can use a "multiple signer" process in order to securely govern updates to their code.

The above screenshots are for the MVP running the last 2 years. For the future DHO see the prototype below that's being built and released soon. (If you'd like to help make it quicker, reach out to us! We're looking for more builders to move these tools out quicker. Plus, joining a DHO is a ton of fun :) )


Hypha, one of the organisations helping build SEEDS, is a DHO and as of March 2021 has 100+ global members, 3+ years worth of contributions, built several functional tools and has distributed millions worth of value more equitably than