Each cohort we'll connect a group of 13 projects to go through this process together.
The process is open-source and other projects outside the 12 are encouraged to follow along if it's helpful.

Best practices / suggestions for each season of 13

Required to apply to Season 1 of RCA - March 20th 2022 (next season start date TBD)
  • Existing land or assets under contract
  • Interoperable technology stack (Hypha's DAO tools)
  • Ready to fundraise
    • Pitch deck & timeline
      • Any milestones achieved
      • Actionable targets for the season
    • Vision & story articulated (brand, name, art, etc)
    • Model for use of capital (all 9+ forms) pooled at various tiers (e.g. raised $10 we do x raise $100 we do y)
    • Incentives or rewards for those contributing (i.e. NFTs, tokens, Physical items, access to events or property, etc)
  • Basic organization structure formed
    • Existing social presence and storytelling roles to provide monthly updates (added to the Seeds library - )
      • Core project management team formed (fundraising success is not contingent upon people joining the project, fundraising ask and goals can be executed without additional people needing to join the team?)
  • Sustainable organisation & regenerative business model
    • Regenerative Business Plan
    • Capital returns - how are the members of the project's needs sustained?
    • Any evidence for why this model will succeed? (How is success measured, scaled, replicated?)
  • To what extent is this project regenerative
  • To what extent is this project replicable, viral and/or fractal (i.e. investor attractive)
    • Ease for communities to use your project as a platform for their own, executed via 'platform cooperativism'.
    • Likelihood of being a model for implementation by anyone, anywhere (e.g. Airbnb destinations can be created by most anyone, anywhere vs Auroville which cannot).
  • To what extent is this project a global model for DAO/DHO tokenomics
    • Use of a system that stewards a sophisticated token economy (e.g. Hypha DHO tool)
    • Establishes its own hyperlocal culture, currency, economy backed by its own token, connected to a regional and/or global regenerative currency
  • To what extent does this project edify others about regenerative development
    • What specific courses, classes, training, documentation, resources does this project provide to edify and support other community leaders in implementing regenerative development in their bioregions.

What we're looking for:

  • High score on the regenerative civics scorecard (linked)
  • Regenerative Diversity
    • Housing
    • Food
    • Wellbeing
    • Etc.
  • Cooperative & equitable value and power distribution (e.g. land not privately owned by 1 member)


  1. 1.
    Any project applies to be part of the 13.
  2. 2.
    We score all projects and select 21 to come and share during the project pitch day! Where a 90min recording sharing all projects.
  3. 3.
    The council then selects what 13 they'd best be able to support the next season.
  4. 4.
    Those 13 projects share in a space for 1 recording introducing the upcoming season - to be used for the crowdfunding/crowdpooling campaigns.