What's in a Season - responsibilities of Commons Organizations

1-3 major goals for the next 3 months for each organization within SEEDS

For each R3, Commons Organization's provide:

  1. Updated space in Section 7 under the SEEDS Commons Organization's detailing:

    1. How members may contribute to your organization and join you.

    2. What domains and focus area's your organization is holding.

    3. Any other relevant information that may inspire Citizens to select you to hold a spot in the Commons.

    Hint, use existing organizations for inspiration.

  2. A 7-15 min presentation of what was accomplished the last Season (recapping the previous stated goals) This is where you build trust with the Citizens by demonstrating your ability to execute on goals and add value to the ecosystem.

  3. A 7-15 min presentation of key learnings from the last Season This is where you share key learnings and insights with the SEEDS Community and help our ecosystem learn and evolve.

  4. A 7-15 min presentation for the next 1-3 major goals for the upcoming Season This is where you want to inspire the Citizens with your offering so that they support your work for the next season.

    1. What you need to make it happen (10 forms of capital).

    2. Who you need to make it happen (what roles can people fill, this is how they know to contribute to and join your organizations).

Note: These presentations don't need to take a lot of time and organizations are encouraged to only focus on preparing these resources during the last 1-2 weeks of a Season.

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