Regenerative Renaissance Roundtables (R3)


  • Organizations who participated in the last season share what they accomplished (one speaker) and learned (another speaker).

  • Organizations seeking funding and/or members for the next season present.

  • Citizens vote on which organizations will become the SEEDS Commons for the next season (some core organizations may be consistent members of the Commons if the Citizens choose).

Each day is 90-180 minute sessions.

[Sense-make] Days 1-3 are open to all participants in SEEDS

[Decision-make] Day 4 is where Citizens Vote These 4 days represent the minimum viable and high-impact route to contribute to SEEDS (1-3 major sessions every 3 months and 1 day of thoughtful deliberation)

[Coordinate] Days 5-7 the 'Commons Council' members create a budget and a new Season begins

The process

Day 1 - Previous Commons Organizations present:

  • a recap of what they did last season;

  • and presentation on what they learned last season.

Day 2 - Prospective Commons Organizations present:

  • a proposal for what they would like to do next season. 1-3 main goals.


  • Who and what they need to make it happen!

  • Organizations seeking to be part of the next Season present their proposals to the SEEDS Citizens.

  • Organizations can participate in the Commons back-to-back as long as the Citizens keep voting them in.

  • An "Organization" is any coordinated group of 3 or more people.

Day 3 - Dialogue and Citizen assemblies

  • Citizen assemblies. Day 3 will offer a variety of breakout groups focusing on a variety of discussion topics that emerged in days 1 and 2.

Day 4 - Citizens vote for Commons Organizations

  • The Citizens vote for which organizations they want to participate in the SEEDS Commons for the next season. This action is how the Citizens collectively steer the ecosystem by choosing which organizations (and the goals they represent) we fund for the next seasons.

Day 5 - Selecting the SEEDS Commons Council

  • After the organizations have been selected the 5th day is when those organizations select 2 representatives to participate in the "Commons Council" for the next season.

Day 6 - Commons Council Assembly

  • The first Commons Council Assembly where the members start the work of defining a budget for how the resources being stewarded by the Commons are to be delivered to the Commons DHOs for the next season.

Day 7 - Budget established - start of a new Season

  • Deliberations conclude and the Commons Council sets a budget. At this point the operational work of the Commons Council concludes and operations move into the respective organizations of the Commons.


  • [Optional] The Commons Council may coordinate working groups amongst organizations and Citizens. These groups are not compensated directly by the Commons but rather they are through one of the Commons Organizations. In this way Commons Council members aren't expected to do DD on a variety of diverse contribution requests - but rather these requests go through Commons Organizations that are most suited for the contribution (e.g. Storytelling related working groups would be compensated through storytelling related organizations versus technology building (e.g. Hypha DHO), or protocol designing (e.g. Renaissance Explorers) groups, etc).

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