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[WIP] Seeds Tokenomics 2.0

(!) Work in Progress - Seeds New Tokenomics Proposal
[Citizen Governed]
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This document is work in progress and has not been approved by the Citizens of SEEDS.

The Purpose

The purpose of the Seeds Community and Currency is to build a community of people who give priority to the regeneration of our lives together and in relationship with nature. It is a human society freely choosing to giving priority to the common good of all.
The economic design has matured into a multi-layered currency that builds on local currencies focused on regeneration. It also provides both an inflation offsetting currency and a currency that can be traded. The latter will allow investors to both financially benefit and fund our consistently growing and maturing regenerative Seeds Community on Earth.
From all we have learned so far, the picture is now becoming increasingly clear as to how we can design the multi-layered currency and economic system that is connecting all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

The Principles

The Seeds Tokenomics 2.0 draws on the work of the Seeds Currency Working Group over the last few months. A strong consensus has emerged from that group on how to create a sustainable new ecosystem for the Seeds currency. Before getting into the detail, it is important to highlight the following principles that shaped the discussions:
  • The following pages document the recommendations of the Seeds Currency Working Group. It is intended that these ideas get heavily socialised to the wider Seeds community. Nothing in here is should be thought of as constituting a unilateral decision or "fait accompli". Feedback and discussion of all kinds is warmly welcomed.
  • The Seeds communities and projects on the ground form the heart of the ecosystem. Everything in this framework is designed to give them the best possible support. It is a community-first model.
  • The growth rate of the Seeds ecosystem and its market cap, in this new economic design, are directly - and mathematically - correlated to the regenerative value created by the sum of the Seeds Communities and projects on the ground. This "real-word" value created is materialised by the Seeds Index in the model, which is a representation of the regenerative measurable impact, genuinely imputable to the activities of the Seeds Communities.
  • The model is focused on quick time-to-market. It is recognised that the projects on the ground need support as quickly as possible. Therefore speed, efficiency, building on technology that already exists has been uppermost in considerations.
  • The model is also focused on resilience. It envisages a controlled series of implementation phases ("Horizons") that follow logically on from the previous one. It ensures that one Horizon is functionally correctly and robustly before moving to the next Horizon.