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Short answers to questions on Neighbourhubs are attempted here. While links to factual answers wherever possible are provided, parts in these answers could still be outdated (by AshGeorge#8028)

History of SEEDS

When did Seeds start? Who are the founders of Seeds?

Seeds, the currency, was designed by Hypha just after Etherium provided EOS tools to create new ecosystems on the blockchain. A team of people realised we could use Cryptocurrencies as a tool to work towards protecting the Earth. Work at Hypha started in 2017.

While most monetary work in 2017 revolved around Hypha tokens, there was a need to create a universal currency / token - Seeds was born from this need. Some of the initial Seeds contracts were created in 2018, refined through 2019 and 2020 by updating additional contracts on the blockchain.

Hypha is a decentralised organisation, implying nobody owns it, members of the public could own a piece of Hypha by buying Hypha tokens like Hypha Voice. People can also take up roles in Hypha, advertised on their website https://hypha.earth/. Due to reasons like exhaustion, Hypha Members keep leaving or joining the organisation and so a handy list of who were the founding members isn't available. However, the list of people holding the tokens currently can be found by checking Telos block explorers for Hypha tokens (A link to one of the Hypha group accounts, Hypha.hypha is provided below: https://eosauthority.com/tokens/hypha.hypha/HYPHA?network=telos)

Management of Seeds

Who runs Seeds now? And who are the core team / organisers? Is there an implementation team? What's the organisation Structure of Seeds?

Seeds, the currency is decentralised, implying it's not meant to be run by a single person, it's designed to be run by you and me. This is primarily done through voting.

In addition to initiatives by people like you and me, a body called SEEDS COMMONS addresses day-to-day issues in the Ecosystem. The Seeds community voted in late 2021, to move the managerial aspects of the currency from Hypha to the Seeds Commons. Seeds Commons is a group consisting of representatives of all DHOs (Decentralised Human Organisations) using Seeds. Hypha remains the developer of Seeds and continues to maintain and update the technical aspects. You can find more about Seeds Commons below https://explore.joinseeds.earth/7.-take-action-with-the-commons-organisations/introducing-the-seeds-commons and check some of the issues addressed on Discord (#Seeds-Commons-general, discord.com/channels/722466006206906428/860031655040909342/864917155559505981)

While Seeds Commons addresses issues, Seeds remains decentralised and is still run by people like you and me. There are volunteers like me (Ash) who try our best to answer your questions. There are Citizens like me who run neighbour-hubs. If you need changes (you'll need to at least be a Resident to start a referendum) you're free to seek a vote (it's advisable to discuss changes with Seeds Commons for issues like duplicacy & implementation). The community (i.e. Citizens) will vote and approve / reject your proposals, including changes to how the ecosystem is run, approving your campaign or alliance etc.

Who manages the multiple Discord and Telegram channels? Are there support systems? Do they follow a system?

Please check out the list of admin and moderators on Discord and telegram (the list of people is separate for each platform, check each platform to know the moderators on that platform), they help create new threads or control spam messages.

Other systems that the ecosystem relies on, include Nestr, Gitbook (This website), Notion etc. There are volunteers running each system and reporting structure within those apps are decided by these volunteers. Please reach out to individual app to check out who is managing the information on them. The team approving Gitbook content is provided here: https://explore.joinseeds.earth/read-me-first/governance-and-contributing/contributing-to-the-knowledge-base/who-governs-our-knowledge-base)

There are additional applications that the ecosystem relies on, some of the list is provided here (some of these are developed by Hypha while others are third party EOS apps): https://explore.joinseeds.earth/5.-economic-tools/v/tools-for-regenerative-economic-systems/tools-for-the-regenerative-renaissance-economic-system-building-tools

Who are the biggest share-holders of Seeds? I'd be interested in the capital structure? Is there a board with voting rights?

There are no shares of Seeds, however, people can own huge volume of Seeds. For the sake of addressing conflict of interests, the biggest Seeds accounts can be found below. You can also check Seeds ownership of popular names on Discord on these Telos blocks:

This video by Mark also details Seeds Tokenomics when it was created:

Even though Seeds Commons takes care of day-to-day issues, it cannot be technically called a Board as it does not own any shares or voting rights. It is the Citizens (i.e. people like you and me who try to use Seeds), who have all voting rights in the ecosystem. As long as Citizens don't lose their reputation points (e.g. involvement in frauds), each citizen gets one vote for every proposal, be it changes in the system or an alliance or campaign funding grant.

What are the rewards for people associated with Seeds? Is there any connection to other cryptocurrency exchanges?

The biggest reward system for people in the Seeds Ecosystem (includes volunteers like me as well as holders, DHOs, Hypha techies, Seeds Commons and communities using Seeds) is to increase the usability of Seeds, so that Seeds buy multiple day-to-day items, while helping other continue their regenerative work.

Another reward is through the increase in value of Seeds on decentralised exchanges like DeX and Uniswap. To maintain a steady flow of Seeds in and out of the Ecosystem, a proportion of Seeds are allocated on these exchanges. Through these exchanges, Seeds can always be bought or sold, even when there are no buyers or sellers on community markets (like Discord Swap thread or telegram). Even though the price of Seeds at the moment is decided by the Seeds Commons, the price of Seeds on these exchanges could be higher or lower than the Commons price, depending on the demand / supply of Seeds on these exchanges. Thus, a higher price will imply people relying on Seeds for their wages (e.g. all the roles on Hypha are paid in Seeds instead of Fiat currencies), can receive higher value for their work in the Ecosystem.

Success or failure of Seeds

Vision for aims, effects, evolution, governance SWOT analysis (mechanistic in nature, but can be helpful)

Can you please provide a cost-benefit analysis of Seeds as I have no SEEDs yet

What will contribute to the success or failure of this and other crytopcurrencies

How will SEEDS be resilient to vulnerabilities inherent in cryptocurrencies

Vision for attracting and converting Fiat into SEEDS, SEEDS into Fiat Vision for how SEEDS currency will work to support regeneration--details about how to use it, exchange it, etc.;

Regenerative initiatives & Seeds

(How) can SEEDS support local economies/be converted into local currencies ? How will SEEDS function as one piece of a larger holistic system for regeneration

Current and planned groups and initiatives within SEEDS

how to educate members about what is regenerative and how to design, plan, manifest, and evolve regenerative initiatives and projects

how to maintain the authenticity and integrity of SEEDS supporting local-to-global regeneration long-term

Isn't SEEDs exposing themselves to litigation/negative publicity? Are there check systems? What are they? kYC? Exposure to criminals?

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