Short list: Citizen Governance Rights and Responsibilities


  1. Participate in seasonal Regenerative roundtables A 2-3 day event every 3 months that is the start and end to each season. This is where all the commons organizations from the previous season shares updates and new organisations for the next season present what they're doing. This way there is one event where anyone in SEEDS is able to get updated on what's going on and potentially join one of the organisations presenting.

  2. Participate in each governance season An occasional 3 month period where we focus on evolving our social systems. These only happen if the Citizens fund a team to run Citizen Assemblies on the governance topic (e.g. economics, governance, contribution scores, etc) to gain the wisdom needed to effectively craft and implement a change to our protocols.

  3. Vote for the SEEDS Commons Organisations and help establish our ecosystem budget This is how Citizens collectively decide our priorities and direction (how we steer together). Because it's the organisations we fund that are going to be able to take action and move things forward.

  4. Participate in setting up your own local economies and sharing learnings with the wider ecosystem The above responsibilities of Citizens have been drastically reduced to provide more time and space for us to focus on local regeneration and economic activation.

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