Ecosystem Overview

Citizens are the foundation to SEEDS and always retain the deciding power in how the ecosystem operates. However, it would be unreasonable to expect each Citizen to be aware-of and to make all the decisions necessary for an ecosystem to thrive. In this way, we needed to evolve systems for distributing decision-making power across the ecosystem while avoiding dangerously concentrating power or limiting the power of the Citizens.

The below is an overview of the current (and continually evolving) governance processes within the SEEDS Ecosystem.

The map below briefly shows how power is distributed and who holds decision making power across the core areas of the SEEDS Ecosystem.

The Citizens always hold the deciding power as they choose who fills any other roles of power and always retain the right to change any governance process through a Citizen-Referendum.

Financial Layer

Financial decisions are made within the organization holding those funds and Citizens aren't expected to attempt to make financial decisions for a global economy, as people simply don't have the time to do so.

Economic Layer

Citizens directly govern the protocols (ability to change any setting and decide what the values for each "X", "Y", "Z", "N" and "R" below are. Ideally governing these values occurs during the Regenerative Roundtables once a season and if we find a healthy pattern we may not need to change them very often.

In this way the Citizens are in control of the economic system (who gets rewarded for what and how much).

Governance Layer

Technical Layer

Block producers create the blockchain. If they colluded they have the technical capability of altering the data. For this reason authority is distributed amongst 21 block producers where 15 have to agree to make a change. By agreement block producers will make no changes to the SEEDS Ecosystem and should this occur the community has the power to remove those block producers, create a new blockchain (holding all the data minus whatever change was illegally made). In this way the ability for Block Producers to meaningfully make lasting alterations is removed.

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