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Which circle(s) owns this role? Every role assignment is rooted in only one Circle so when making a role proposal keep this in mind and articulate what

Role Name

Every role has a name. This is simply a pointer to help others know what the role is accountable for.

Nobody can deduct any meaning from a name or hold you accountable for anything based on the name of a role.


Though a purpose is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to add it. It is the WHY of a role. It should describe which part of the Circle Purpose this role is here to manifest.


What can this role be held accountable for? What ongong value should this role provide to the circle and the organisation? These are formulated as ongoing and should start with a verb ending in (eg: Designing..., Coding...., Publishing...).

Interpreting and translating an accountability to work should be easy.


Domains describe a property right this role is the owner of. This means by definition adding a domain introduces bureaucracy as any other role that wishes to interact with that domain will need to ask for permission from this role.


Each role will be compensated at one of N predefined "Salary Bands", or unique salaries (depending on the DHO).

Role submitted by ____ of _____

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