Join the Pledge for Global Regeneration

Join the Pledge for Global Regeneration

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If you would like to join the Alliance sign the pledge and a SEEDS ambassador may reach out to you for next steps.

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SEEDS is an economic system aligning and amplifying the impact for regenerative and ethical organizations and movements across the globe

Join the Pledge for Global Regeneration

A healthy financial system is one that can sustain over the long term, one that most generously rewards the people and organisations that make our earth more livable, thrivable, and beautiful.

We can all agree that the current financial system is not fit for purpose.

Across the globe people and businesses are choosing against their short-term financial interests to be more ethical and regenerative for their communities and our planet.

It’s time we created a financial system that gave the greatest rewards to them.

It’s time we come together around a shared goal to create a thriving, global civilization by regenerating our planet and giving voice back to the people who are helping to do just that.

We’re asking all organisations who are dedicated to creating a better world to sign the pledge and join this emergence.

If you believe that the current financial system is failing us, read on.

If you care about sustainability and creating a healthier planet, read on.

If you care about having a direct, transparent and noticeable voice in governance, read on.

If you care about equality of access, and a fair distribution of value, read on.

If you want a healthier global civilization, read on.

Re-purposing Our Financial Systems

Since the 2008 financial crisis, our global financial systems have only become more fragile and it looks like history is going to repeat itself, only worse.

We can bail out the banks (again), or we have another choice…

We can redirect humanity’s collective wealth to more worthy causes, such as regenerating our planet, setting up more resilient local food systems and supporting the myriad of organizations building a Regenerative Civilization.

A Regenerative Financial Model

What we need is a financial model that’s not only aligned with sustaining the planet, its beauty, diversity, people or resources — but in regenerating it and increasing our global diversity and health.

SEEDS is a financial system that rewires incentives and rewards towards global regeneration.

SEEDS unites the regenerative projects, movements, organisations and people together into a decentralized whole. It redistributes value to those who are working hard to heal the people, our planet and our communities.

SEEDS is a financial system that gets more decentralized and equitable over time — reversing the trend of inequality and concentration of power of today’s dominant systems.

Now organisations who take the extra steps to choose more sustainable and ethical practices can finally receive more income for those choices!

A Global Alliance

You may have heard of Libra, a new digital currency created by a consortium of corporations. SEEDS is doing something similar but with a different focus designed for the benefit of people and planet.

It’s built specifically for all the projects, organizations and people who are doing good for the world!

Opposed to having a fee to be a part of this movement, SEEDS distributes value to allies who are selected by the Citizens!

Grants for Alliance Organisations

By joining this alliance you’re eligible to request a grant from the Citizens of SEEDS to serve your cause. As we grow and the value of Seeds increases, the value of our grants and how much money we can award grows with it.

This aligns all our financial interests.

From what we can tell there already exists regenerative organisations and projects for every aspect an alternative (regenerative) society would need in order to thrive.

These grants go to these organisation to weave our interests together. When SEEDS succeeds you succeed!

We can all play our parts individually and make a difference, but imagine the possibilities if we aligned into one.

All distributed grants are held in an escrow account for the organisation until SEEDS “Go Live”. As SEEDS grows the USD value of grants grows with it increasing the wealth this new financial system is able to distribute. See the “2-Pager and Benefits for Organisations” for more on alliances.

TAKE THE PLEDGE— First step towards a grant!

So, how do we get people to adopt this new monetary system?

Better Than Free Transactions

We needed a simple motivating catalyst to drive adoption. For this, SEEDS created the worlds first “better than free” and intrinsically stable currency.

As an alliance organisation you can get rewarded for accepting payments opposed to being charged fees. People can earn rewards (opposed to paying fees) for spending Seeds to meet their needs.

This reverses the current trend of fee-taking and amplifies adoption.

Seeds are more rewarding to spend and more value stable than cash. This can serve as the optimal currency and foundation to a new financial system.

Decentralized Governance — by the people for our planet

SEEDS plays the role of an evolutionary and decentralized governance and financial system.

This means that SEEDS is governed, evolved and controlled directly by all the Citizens of SEEDS — not by the organisations building SEEDS.

This means that every person reading this has the opportunity to become a Citizen and take part in the direct governance and evolution of this new model. This is designed for all of humanity to be a direct part of.

In this new system we co-create with you, we want you to be in direct control of the evolution of the system.

A Civilization Without Borders

SEEDS is a global civilization that unites people around a shared purpose and vision instead of artificial boundaries. This means that anyone in the world can participate in this emergence.

Co-facilitating the global convergence and transition to a healthier global society.

A Lesson in Global Cooperation

The next thing we need to do is come together, align, cooperate and gain value for our shared causes and co-direct this value towards healing people and our planet.

Together we’ll lift each other up, share information, tools and networks with a goal to help bring the planet back to health!

Let’s finally start collaborating at a global scale and create a robust alternative society for us to step into.

Are you ready?


Want more info? 2-pager for Organisations 3-pager SEEDS Overview 4-pager for Events, Festivals and Gatherings

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