1. SEEDS Foundations
7. Communication Patterns
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SEEDS/Blockchain/NFT/Crypto Language and Vocabulary

  • SEEDS = Sowing Equitable Ecological Decentralized Societies
  • Seeds = Our crypto currency 'SEEDS is to Seeds as Europe is to the Euro'
  • Conscious Currency = A currency that is evolvable and goes towards healing, regeneration and other activities that are for the wellbeing of all life.
  • Wallet = Wallets hold the private keys that control your assets.
  • Player = Any user account within SEEDS “SEEDizen” -> Visitors, Residents and Citizens.
  • Bioregion = A region defined by characteristics of the natural environment rather than by man-made divisions.
  • DAO = A Decentralized Autonomous Organization provides a ruleset and basic game for people to coordinate at scale and autonomously deliver compensation (like Bitcoin paying miners who create blocks) without the need to centralize power or authority.
  • DHO / “dhu”= Decentralized Human Organisation -> A Human-centric DAO -> pronounced like “dhu” where groups of humans come together to experiment with a wide diversity of alternative governance and coordination styles.
  • Liquid Democracy = This ability allows Players to vote directly on proposals or to delegate their vote to other Players at will, to represent them in each category of governance.
  • FIAT = Government-issued currency (USD)
  • DEFI = Decentralized finance
  • REFI = Regenerative finance
  • Deferred Seeds = Seeds that aren't available until going through the Harvest after Go Live.
  • Planting = aka staking, a process of locking a token up for a period of time. Often to earn or unlock benefits.
  • Harvest= The process by which new Seeds are algorithmically created and distributed to the whole ecosystem. The Harvest produces the new Seeds that participants earn for contributing to SEEDS
  • Token = A cryptographically secured digital representation of a set of digitally provided rights
  • Swap = Exchanging one coin or token for another, “trading”
  • Smart contract = A smart contract is a self-executing contract directly written into lines of code.
  • NFT = Non Fungible Token - meaning each token is unique and has a unique creation/history. Unlike fungible things (like central bank money, where all $1's are treated equal).
  • Minting = Rewarding users with newly created assets for community participation
  • White paper = A report used to inform the public of a project’s specifications
  • Burning = A deflationary method in which tokens become un-spendable
  • Cycle = A lunar cycle. 29.5 days. This is the most commonly used time unit in SEEDS.
  • ROI = Return on investment
  • Fork/Branch = When a blockchain splits into two separate chains
  • Proof of Stake (PoS) = A protocol of block verification based on how many coins the account holds.
  • Proof of Work (PoW) = A protocol of block creation based on processing power (work). This is the basis of ‘mining’.
  • Star'DHO = A DHO to empower humans with tools to joyfully self-organize.
  • Renaissance Explorers DHO = A place for advanced Players who want to dive into the depths of this game.
  • Hypha DHO = A DHO to develop tools for Regenerative Villages to coordinate, create bespoke economies, redesign governance while providing opportunities to investors to own fractions of Regenerative Villages and benefit from financing the transition to regenerative civilizations.
  • MoM DHO = The Movement of Movement DHO for the movement building
  • DHO Tell = A living organism serving its evolutionary purpose of inspiring, connecting and empowering communities and individuals to create vibrant and thriving regenerative content
  • Samara = A field for discovering the depth of the subconscious of the collective mind
  • Permatours = Co-creating a sustainable future through joyful local learning experiences
  • Regen Civics = Recipe Book for a Regenerative Civilization
  • SATOSHI NAKOMOTO = The pseudonym for the unknown entity that created the first blockchain, distributed ledger technology, and Bitcoin
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