Step 4: Return land to common stewardship

Partnering with Earth

The Regenerative Renaissance can be our period of time where we shift from all land being held in private, to land regaining its sovereignty and us shifting from "private owners" who are free to mistreat and abuse the land, into "community owners" or "stewards" who are responsible for creating and maintaining a healthy relationship with the land and all the diversity of life we share it with.
As we once again remember that land itself is alive and deserving of "personhood" and legal protections. 

When everyone in a village, neighborhood, building, etc co-owns their community, we will see profound shifts in our relationships with each other and our environment.
We may not want to pollute, poison, or degrade anywhere within our whole community anymore than we would our own backyard.

Moving land into co-ownership (legal and otherwise) helps us avoid a common pitfall in startup communities where a minority of people actually own the land and can (and sometimes do) take that land back.

Forest societies: How we learn to share our planet with the rest of life?

We create an endless "animal corridor" within all our human settlements.
"The Amazon Rainforest Was Profoundly Changed by Ancient Humans. The region's ecology is a product of 8,000 years of indigenous agriculture." -Science Daily
Image credit: Fractal Permaculture
"A squirrel could have traveled from the Atlantic coast all the way to the Mississippi River without ever touching the ground." - English speaking observer in the 1600s

Forest Villages

The "Forest Ecovillage" is one that has an interconnected "wild zone" (Zone 5 in Permaculture) where a squirrel can cover the whole territory without ever touching the ground. Then each house/homestead and commons area is carved out (or I'm many cases since we're Regenerating land - just not being planted into forests) then zones 4, 3, 2, 1 go towards our dwellings and built environments. Providing privacy for each dwelling and nature corridors to share Earth with the rest of life.
Extending this model to all villages and neighborhoods as we grow - can help us move towards eventually having one contiguous forest/nature corridor again on all our continents of Earth.


Fence yourself in if you so please in Zone 3. However, this way you're fencing yourself in, not fencing in all of life (which humanity has been progressively doing the last few millennia). Fences for those that are not ready (or won't ever want to) integrate with the incredible diversity of non-human life we're still fortunate to share this earth with.
The "reverse zoo" locking humans in cages who want to experience other life.
The Regen Civics Projects that are connected to a land base may be represented by a legal entity. That entity then becomes the deed holder of the land and is instructed in its bylaws to abide by the constitution and DAO or DHO governed by the contributors to the project for them to steward (and as a regenerative project, increase the fertility of the land).
  • Trusts, Private Membership Associations, etc
U.S. Wyoming DAO LLC
, Delaware LLC, etc
  • Community Land Trusts, LLA's, Charities, etc
  • An UNA (unincorporated nonprofit association), Spiritual Ministry, etc
Telos Kitchen, a software/blockchain development organisation in the ecosystem, has navigated the process of buying and selling land using a DAO, Tokens and a Wyoming DAO LLC legal entity.

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