Step 2: Coordinate with DAOs & DHOs

The Village & Civic DAO/DHO

A DAO (Decentralised Auotonomous Organisation) and a DHO (Decentralised/Distributed Human/Holonic Organism, pronounced DO) are tools that help groups coordinate.
The DAO/DHO tools exist to help you:
  1. 1.
    Manage your treasury in a secure, transparent, and decentralised way so all members of your community can directly and irrevocably govern together.

  2. 2.
    Create an immutable and fraud resistant source of truth for the community regarding policy, governance, role or other decisions.
  3. 3.
    Control funds and where money only moves if the members voted to do so. Meaning, that all the members of the Village get to see and control the flows of value together and even choose whether to shut the project down and return pooled capital. 

This avoids a common pitfall in startup communities where a minority of people actually control the treasury and could (and do) misuse, launder, steal, or abscond with the money.

Coordination goals

Token design is how communities coordinate and align incentives. One goal is to unlock the potential that the most profitable choice for members is also the best choice for people, planet, and shared prosperity.


Your organisational goal is to, with your community, create the most prosperous economic system intended to meet the needs (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc) of members and the greater ecosystem (rivers, mountains, air, forests, etc) where the Regenerative Project exists. Additionally, projects may share a purpose or other offerings (such as a products or services).


Your financial goal (necessary for sustainability), along with anyone who bought a token, is to increase the value of the Regenerative Project and by doing so increase the value of the tokens you're buying, holding, and earning for contributing to the Village.
The more valuable the land/project is, the more valuable the base price of your tokens are worth... 

On top of this basic model each project may create unique tokenomic designs that confers rights or creates value for the Project's / Village's / Community's Token.
For example, If a Village is using the 1 token = 1 night stay model; then the more valuable a night's stay, the more valuable your tokens are as people routinely buy them and burn them to stay at the Village. 

This model has an in-built homeostasis mechanism as contributors who are govern the DHO (token issuance and economics) are likely also staying at the Village. So, while they benefit from the increase in token value - it will also find a natural homeostasis as members reach the limit they're willing to pay for each day's stay. This helps remove some of the more excessive wealth concentration mechanics of other token models.

Regen Index

In collaboration with SEEDS; Regenerative Projects may earn a share of the 'Harvest' (SEEDS inflation protocol as an alternative to Bitcoin's Proof of work - where new currency goes towards regenerative projects instead of power companies, crypto-miner manufactures, etc (which is north of $10B USD a year... Think of all the regenerative projects that could have funded).
United Planet and SEEDS have allied to help create the 'Regenerative Village Global Olympics' which is a community "coopetition" to regenerate their social and ecological systems following the 17 RDG's (Regenerative Development Goals - though, we're really not "developing" we just wanted to make the comparison).
Goals like:
  • Which communities can make their rivers drinkable?
  • How many roadways have been transformed into food forests? Where folks can pick fresh fruit from bushes and trees along the way to work.
  • Which communities can achieve 100% nourishment (REAL food) first.
  • etc.

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