SEEDS Alliance and Rainbow Seeds for Regenerative Villages

This team is full of permaculturists and they're focused on supporting systemic regeneration so they decided they'd be a good fit in the SEEDS Economy and put forward an alliance proposal.
The Citizens of SEEDS liked their plans and they ended up receiving a 1,000,000 Seeds Alliance Share from the Citizens of SEEDS.

They use the 1mm Seeds as partial backing for their 1mm "Village Currency" supply (so they can be converted 1-1 to Seeds) which are also backed by the Village Treasury.

They wanted a "constant currency" (stable to the USD minus official inflation) to price things in their Village and for day-to-day spending (so that community members are no longer robbed by inflation should they use traditional central bank currencies).
They use their own treasury to back the remaining value of their "constant currency" and use SEEDS tools (like the SEEDS Light Wallet) to exchange value, vote, and make community decisions.