5 Contributor Archetypes

Life before the 5 Archetypes

Hypha started a multi-year exploration into organisation, human, and contribution archetypes. During this time Anneloes Smitsman brought and her previous work on 'Future Archetypes' and together, along with other Hypha Members Rieki Cordon, Joachim Stroh, Keala Young, Joost Schouten, and Julio Holon together they created the Contribution Archetypes for DHOs.

Future Archetypes have been developed by Dr. Anneloes Smitsman as part of her PhD research, which include: The Wholeness Coder, Future Creative, Evolutionary Catalyst, Pattern Weaver, and New Paradigm Storyteller. Those archetype codes have been further adjusted for the context of Hypha DHOs based on her inputs, and feature in the Future Humans Trilogy.

Contribution Archetypes

The intent of this categorization is to:

  1. Reduce the infinite possibilities for salaries and areas of focus in a DAO/DHO down down to 5 fundamental contribution categories.

  2. Provide a DHO with a quick treasury overview to see how funds are being deployed across the organism (e.g. 40% Building, 10% Researching, 20% Storytelling... ).

  3. Provide circles with a coherent foundation to how they change, create, and assign roles, tasks or jobs within their circle; as compensation (requiring a DHO vote) is attached to the more broad Archetypal Contribution assignment(s) of a member and not the particular role(s) they may be filling within circle(s) at any given moment (so circles and members can more easily evolve their roles and how they're showing up day-to-day without requiring a vote or change in DHO/DAO agreements).

Pairing these 5 Contributor Archetypes with another slider, such as Salary Bands, provides a infinite matrix where each DHO can decide how many basic contribution profiles their DHO will have.

Building and Developing

Bringing the ideas of the DHO to life.

Focus on coding, construction, engineering, and creating the tools, projects, buildings, etc.

Also known as a “Wholeness Coder”.

These roles in a DHO focus on the physical or virtual construction of a project.

Researching and Architecting

Designing future possibilities for the DHO. Focus on exploring, experimenting, and architecting new systems, tools, villages, food forests, and any other process of a DHO. Also known as a “Future Creative”.

Focus on discovering what the movement most needs, and designing pathways to how we can best provide it.

Facilitating and Space Holding

Holding the space/DHO.

Focus on facilitating healthy spaces to co-create within. Creating and maintaining processes for tension evolution and actively monitoring and supporting the health of the community. Also known as an “Evolutionary Catalyst”.

Focus on the people, community building, org processes, hosting events, etc... and the human structures of a project.

Catalysing and Connecting

Growing the space/DHO.

Building bridges, nurturing connections, creating alliances, helping others use the tools you're making, etc. Anything that supports healthy expansion. Also known as a “Pattern Weaver”.

Focus on growing the movement.

Storytelling and Communicating

Capturing, sharing and amplifying the stories coming from the space/DHO.

Creating engaging, inspiring and beautiful invitations and descriptions of what a DHO is doing.

Also known as a “New Paradigm Storyteller”.

Focus on the storytelling, media, art for the movement.

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