7. Take Action (SEEDS Commons)
[Active] The Hypha DAO / DHO
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Light Wallet

Mobile App: Apple | Android Open Source Code

The Light Wallet offers an enterprise-grade and simplified tool to participate in SEEDS.

The Light Wallet comes with the following key features:
  • Basic and advanced wallets (send/receive a variety of tokens and other things you'd expect in a wallet).
  • Access and sign your actions on your DAO / DHO (decentralised organisation) or Swaps sites (decentralised exchanges).
  • Setup “Key Guardians” to recover your account should you lose your keys. Dramatically reducing the risk of participating in web3 tools.
  • Setup your storefront, marketstall, or business on SEEDS to accept payments.
  • Vote on governance proposals, delegate your voice to other Citizens, Flag members, and other governance functions
  • And much more.


Send & receive a variety of tokens free and instant to anyone in the world

Explore and vote on governance proposals

Sign actions across our wider ecosystem

Delegate your governance voice to other members