Brief overview (4:45) of Hypha's Tokenomics (Token Economics)

Staking Benefits

Any token balances that are sent to the Hypha Staking Contract are proportionally distributed to all Hypha Stakers.

Staking is the process of obtaining and locking up (much like a term deposit) a utility token.

Staking provides various benefits:

1. Earn HVoice

You earn Hypha Voice (HVoice), which is the governance token in Hypha, when you stake your Hypha utility tokens.

For every X(1) HVoice minted for contributions to Hypha an additional Y(1) HVoice is minted and delivered proportionally to all those staking Hypha.

2. Earn Ecosystem Drops

  1. You earn an equal proportion (to your staked Hypha) of all airdrops from all the DHO’s incubated by Hypha at the time those DHOs are launched.

  2. Stake early and keep your tokens staked in order to earn rewards from all incubated DHOs.

  3. In this way Hypha functions similar to an “Index Token” for all the projects in Hypha’s ecosystem.

3. Unlock Features and Access Levels

In order for groups launching on Hypha to access fee-free actions they need to acquire and stake Hypha into their organization. Each new tier unlocks various capabilities with the general theme being that starting a DHO is free but scaling your DHO requires organizations become more invested in the whole ecosystem (creating a symbiotic relationship with all organizations).

  1. Stake [n] to unlock all tier 1 features and access levels.

    1. N fee-free on-chain governance actions a week (~50 active member organization).

    2. All L1 smart contracts free to use. L2 & L3 contracts come with fees.

  2. Stake [n+] to unlock all tier 2 features and access levels.

    1. N+ fee-free on-chain governance actions a week (~150 active member organization).

    2. All L1, & L2 smart contracts free to use. L3 contracts come with fees.

  3. Stake [n++] to unlock all tier 3 features and access levels.

    1. Unlimited fee-free on-chain governance actions a week.

    2. All L1, L2, & L3 smart contracts free to use.

Smart Contracts and Levels

Every on-chain interaction in your organization happens with "smart contracts". Each of these contracts are assigned a "level" that unlocks free access to that contract given your organization's staking level.

Level 0

An organization is able to have 50 members doing 10 on-chain governance actions each week entirely for free (just paying the small TLOS cost required (<$5) for creating each new Telos account/member).

Level 1 Contracts, Integrations, and Plugins

Everything basic you need to run your organization.

  • Creating your organisation's tokens (Voice & Utility)

  • Roles

  • Circles

  • Quests

  • Contribution Requests

  • Policies

Level 2 Contracts, Integrations, and Plugins

  • Creation of your own "locker" governing access to keys, passwords, and other private data for your organisation.

  • Multi-Signature authority for governing your own DHO. Ability to issue a badge giving rights to key members in your organisation to oversee upgrading your organisation's code.

  • Badges governing MSig access for other chain assets (e.g. a DHO badge governing access to a private key for an Ethereum or Bitcoin MSig treasury)

  • Creating a unique "constant currency" for your organization and the contracts managing this new currency.

Level 3 Contracts, Integrations, and Plugins

  • More complex and specialty contracts as requested by organizations.


All the Hypha tokens earned by members have been put into a "co-staking" contract. This is an evolution of traditional "vesting and cliffs" (where tokens are slowly distributed to the contributing team over time). Opposed to setting an arbitrary and fixed vesting and cliff schedule we decided on having a "Co-Staking" contract where the HVoice holders could determine when to release tokens from this contract, if and when the market or ecosystem is demanding additional Hypha token supplies.

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